Ralston Creek CrossFit – CrossFit

Picking partners near your ability level will make today more fun. Make the hollow rocks deliberate, but very small movements, to increase the difficulty. The front squats should be unbroken every round, and challenging! And for the row/bike… pace out the first few rounds, but keep the transitions short and go super hard in the later rounds!

Metcon (Calories)

1. In teams of Three:

EMOM 30:00

Minute 1: 10 Hollow rocks

Minute 2: 6 Dumbbell front squats

Minute 3: Max calorie row or bike

*1 Person starts at each movement. The score is total calories rowed.

**Use a challenging load on the dumbbell front squats, that allows the 6 reps to be unbroken. If dumbbells are limited, substitute kettlebells.

2. Cool Down

3 Rounds

0:30/0:30 Couch stretch


20 Rollover v-sits