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This is a redo of a strength WOD we did back in December. If you participated in that day, then you know that today is NOT about getting a new 2RM Back Squat. The volume today is what gets you, in wave after wave of heavier squats. You will likely be 10-15% under your 2RM max numbers today, and that is perfectly ok. Focus on the form of the squat, and finding a fast plan to change weights, and a good way for you to recover as much as possible between sets. We ideally want to hit your “max” for today around the 15th set, so you have some opportunity to work your way back down. You also don’t have to fail a rep to start working your way down. If you know you hit a max, or that your form will suffer if you go heavier, feel free to start to do back down then.

Back Squat (Every 1:30 for 20 sets 2 Back squats )

*Start at 185lbs/125lbs. Men add 10lbs every set and women add 5lbs every set. When you reach failure, reduce the load down in the same fashion that you built up. If you anticipate lifting heavier than 375lbs/225lbs start at 225lbs/155lbs.

**Compare to 12/6/2018

L2 & L1 – Choose a starting weight that will allow for a build up for at least the first 10 sets. Newer athletes start and stay at the same load.

Metcon (No Measure)


Couch Stretch Sequence

0:30/0:30 at each

*Couch stretch elbow to foot

*Couch stretch upright

*Couch stretch hip away from foot

*Couch stretch reach for wall