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Some people like to work alone, kid. Others need a loyal furball with a bowcaster by their side. Today, you get to use choose your side of the Force to find a loyal friend, or work alone, through this 10 minute test. If you are Solo, just grab your blaster and hit it hard. If you have a co-pilot, do the DUs at the same time, each completing 30 before you engage the Hyperdrive. Then deadlifts only count when you both are at the top. Don’t get cocky, kid.

Pendlay Row (Every 2:00 for 5 sets 5 Pendlay rows)

*Compare to 12/22/18

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

2. WOD, part 2

AMRAP 10:00 (Pick One:)

Han Solo, OR, Han and Chewie

30 Double unders

15 Deadlifts (155lbs/105lbs) (Each athlete has a bar)

*Athletes do double unders at the same time. Move onto the deadlifts only after both have completed the double under reps. Synchronized on the deadlift is only at the top of the movement.

L3 – 155lbs/105lbs

L2 – 30 DUs or :40s of attempts, 135lbs/95lbs

L1 – 50 Speed Steps, Light load

2. Cool Down

2 Rounds

0:45 Pigeon stretch, left

0:30 Side plank, left

0:45 Pigeion stretch, right

0:30 Side plank, right