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Today is a Tabata of alternating pressing and pulling, and at a challenging load. We want to make sure you pick a weight that lets you get at least 5 every working set, but realize that fatigue is going to become a very real obstacle for you. Round 1 is NOT going to feel like round 8, so have a plan to not burn out on round 3.

Shoulder Press (5×3)

*Compare to 11/30/2018

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

For max reps:

8 Rounds

0:20 Push press (135lbs/95lbs)

0:10 Rest

0:20 Barbell row (135lbs/95lbs)

0:10 Rest

L3 – Rx

L2 – 95/65

L1 – 75/55