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Speed is the name of the game. We want each round to take no more than 2 minutes, and you get a gold start if you can do each round in less than 1:30. Scale the BMUs to favor speed, even if that means scaling mid-WOD. All of the snatches on each round should be unbroken. Try and do the odd-object work if possible!

Metcon (Time)

1 – WOD (32:00 – 56:00)

7 Rounds for time:

Run 200 meters

6 Bar muscle ups

6 Power snatch (135lbs/95lbs)

*If available equipment, replace the snatch with a (150lbs/100lbs) sandbag/stone clean over the shoulder

L3 – Rx

L2 – 200m, Pull-ups, 95/65

L1 – 100m, Ring Rows, 55/45

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