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The big picture on today is that it should take you less than 25 min to complete whatever version of this you choose. The L-pull ups are going to challenge everybody, even the most advanced athletes. Performing them strict is only for the seriously competitive, and everyone should do either a kipping or traditional version of this in order to stay moving. Choose to take breaks early and keep them short in order to avoid burnout on the dips and toes to bar. Weights on the kettle bell should allow you to get comfortable sets of 15 to 20. Once you get the rower, it’s time to go all out!

Metcon (Time)

1. WOD (31:00 – 55:00)

For time:

20 L-pull-ups

30 Ring dips

40 Toes to bar

50 Burpees

60 Kettlebell swings (53lbs/35lbs)

70/50cal SkiErg

*Use an air bike or rower as needed.

L3 – as written

L2 – Kipping L- Pull-up, band assisted dips, 35lbs/25lbs

L1 – 20 Band assisted strict pull-ups

25 Ring dips with feet on floor. Use a box if needed to make more stable.

30 Knee raise

35 Burpees

45 Kettlebell swings @ weight that allows for 15-20 unbroken

50/40 cal SkiErg

2. COOL DOWN (55:00 – 60:00)

Shoulder Stretch Sequence

0:45/0:45 Banded distraction

0:45/0:45 Banded up & over (ragdoll)

0:45/0:45 Elbow in band (PNF)

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