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At its heart, this should be a slower combination of squat cleans and pulling, followed by a much faster combination of squat cleans and pulling. The 9-7-5 weights should be heavy enough to require singles, but light enough where you can keep a consistent pace. Go with the hardest version of pulling you know you can do for 21 total reps. target the 6-8 minute range on part-1 The second part should allow you to move much faster, with only 1-2 breaks each round. on both movements. Again target the 6-8 minute range, but a little longer is ok if you are moving consistently. Avoid devolving to singles on part-2.

Metcon (Time)

1. WOD, PART 1 (32:00 – 44:00)

9 – 7 – 5 for time:

Squat clean

Ring muscle up

*10:00 cap on part 1

***Keep the clock running part 2 starts at 12:00.

L3 – 185lbs/125lbs, BMU or RMU

L2 – 135lbs/95lbs, 2x Push-up & Dip

L1 – 95lbs/65lbs, 2x Hard Push-ups

Metcon (Time)

2. WOD, PART 2 (44:00 – 54:00)

Keep the clock running from part 1. At 12:00 complete:

21 – 15 – 9 for time:

Squat clean

Chest to bar pull-ups

*10:00 cap

L3- 115lbs/75lbs, C2Bs

L2 – 85lbs/55lbs, Kipping Pull-ups

L1 – 45lbs/35lbs, Ring Rows

3. COOL DOWN (54:00 – 60:00)

3:00 Row or bike easy

1:00/1:00 Banded shoulder stretch