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The goal of the strength session today is to get your body neurologically prepped for Isabel. Focus on form, start on the lighter side, and build up across the 7 sets. Mechanics mean more than anything today. If you have shoulder issues and don’t want to snatch, feel free to do Power Cleans, and/or Grace for the movements. Isabell should be fast – in the 2-7 minute range, so scale to support that goal.

Metcon (Weight)

1. WOD, part 1 (23:00-35:00)

Every 1:30 for 7 sets

2 Power snatch

Isabel (Time)

For Time: 30 Snatches, 135# / 95#
*Squat is not necessary

L3 – 135lbs/95lbs

L2 – 125lbs/85lbs

L1 – Load that allows for at least 5 reps unbroken

*If needed, go to the hang position to maintain good mechanics.

Metcon (No Measure)

3. COOL DOWN (50:00 – 60:00)

4 Sets for quality:

10/10 3 point dumbbell row

*Build heavy