12/13/18 – Gymnastics

Ralston Creek CrossFit – Gymnastics

Skill 1: Stringing Toes to Bar together
Skill 2: Power in jumping and hip extension

Mobility 1: KB Hamstring Stretch / Hip Opener

Drill 1: Banded Kip Swings / Press Downs

Mobility 2: Banded Anterior Hip stretch (for hip extension)

Drill 2: Loading and Jumping
-How to load and jump for max vertical
-How to jump horizontal extending the hip
-Jumping from a seated position

Drill 3: Where to look and breathe during T2B

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Every 90sec for 12min (8 Sets)

Odd – Max unbroken Toes to Bar

Even – 3 Attempts at Max Standing Broad Jump