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If you’ve never performed demanding core-movements after heavy Front Squats… you really need to show up today. It amazing. Truly something you have to experience first hand. There is a lot of rest on the squats. Take advantage of it to collect your breath, rest your legs, and talk to your fellow lifters! Cheer you friends on today! The WOD after is designed to be pretty fast. Sub 4-minutes is very possible. Everyone should target the 5-minute range and plan to haul ass! No more than 60 seconds on each set of jumping, and no more than 90 seconds on each set of T2B. Scale aggressively for speed today.

Front Squat (Every 3:00 for 3 Sets 5 Front Squats)

*Compare to 11/28/18.

**Attempt to beat the heaviest load lifted from 11/28.

Metcon (Time)

2. WOD, part 2 (40:00 – 50:00)

For time:

60 Double unders

30 Toes to bar

60 Double unders

30 Toes to bar

60 Double unders

L3 – As Rx

L2 – No more than 1min on DUs for each set, 20 TB

L1 – 1 min max speed steps, 20 Hanging Knee raises

2. COOL DOWN (50:00 – 60:00)

1:30/1:30 Couch stretch

1:00/1:00 Standing calf stretch