12/6/18 – Gymnastics

Ralston Creek CrossFit – Gymnastics

Focus: Box Jumps and Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Drill 1 – Prone, PVC Pull-ups

Shoulder Mobility – External Rotation

Drill 2 – C2B Pull-up + Hollow Hold at Top (using a gymnastics kip)

Metcon (No Measure)


EMOM – 16min (8 sets):

Odd – 1-5 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (rep range depending on skill level)*

Even – 1-5 Box Jumps (rep range depending on goal)^

-Increase box height each round.

*C2B rep range will depend on strength in the pull and even core strength. The goal is to find a number that you can consistently achieve with excellent form and even improve form.

^Box Jump rep range depends on each persons individual goal. If power is the goal, one rep at a greater height is sufficient. If metabolic conditioning and overall wellness is the goal, 5 reps at a higher than normal jump is the plan.

Cool Down

15reps Strict Banded Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Tempo: 2220 (2sec up, 2sec hold, 2sec negative, no pause at bottom)

Break up as needed