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Pay attention to the goals here – Ideally, we have snatches that can be accomplished with fast and consistent singles, and no fear of a miss. The round of 12 should take no longer that 2 min, and use that math for the other rounds. For the Wallballs, we want to see 30-reps at 10-feet (yes, even for women), so adjust the weight of the ball today. No set of Wallballs, even that dreadful last one, should take more than 2:30. 1 or 2 breaks are ok, but try to push through. If you don’t finish the first set of WBs by 5 minutes, you should immediately scale to beat the time cap.

Metcon (Time)

1. WOD,For time: (15-min-cap)

12 Power snatch

30 Wall ball

9 Power snatch

30 Wall ball shots

6 Power snatch

30 Wall ball shots

3 Power snatch

L3 – 135lbs/95lbs, 20lbs/14lbs, 10′ target

L2 – 125lbs/85lbs, 16lbs/12lbs, 10′ target

L1 – 95lbs/65lbs, WB load that you can still hit 10’, lower WB reps to 20 per set

2. All the ABZZ

3 Sets

20 Partner leg press downs

*3 sets each partner, Decrease to 10 reps per set as needed. Don’t allow the legs to hit the ground.


5:00 Row or bike easy

1:30 Upper back roll with plate

1:00/1:00 Barbell quad roll