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Partner Love or Solo Solidarity! This is a generally short WOD that gives the partner version a decent amount of built in rest. The solo version is a much more challenging and will require pacing. Go slow and deliberate on the burpees, and reassess your pace at around 7 minutes. If you still feel good, hammer down towards the finish!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Option 1: With partner

14 Min AMRAP

14 Burpees Over Your Partner – one will jump over partner holding a plank (switch as needed)

14 Partner Wallballs (rainbow style)

14 Partner Abmat situps w/ WB (link feet and toss WB back and forth)

Or… Option 2: Solo

14 Min AMRAP

14 Burpees Over Medball

14 Wallballs

14 Medball wall-toss Abmat sit-ups (feet against a wall)

L3 – 20/14lbs WB

L2 – 16/12lbs WB

L1 – WB load you can complete 14 unbroken or with 1 break