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VERY few people should attempt today Rx. L2 will be for most athletes. The focus is on difficult pulling skills while out of breath from the cardio. Running is prefered (weather permitting) to give your arms rest between climbs. We will have plenty of scales for today, so even if you don’t have rope climbs, this will be fun. Times will be longer than you think, and we are putting a 15-minute cap on the WOD. If you don’t finish, that is OK! Just add a second per movement you didn’t complete. I.e. finished 9 rounds? Score is 15:02, since you missed the last run and last climb.

Metcon (Time)

1. WOD

15 minutes – For time or reps:

10 Rounds

200m Run

1 Legless rope climb

*If weather does not permit running, athletes can do a 200m row, a 500/400m bike, or 150 skipping rope.

*Use legs for the way down!

L3 – As Rx

L2 – ½ distance legless or 1 rope climb

L1 – Challenging Rope Climb progression


3 Rounds, NOT for time of:

10/10 Pallof press

15 Banded Good Mornings

50 Band pull aparts