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Today is going to burn, baby! The lunges technically get easier, but you won’t feel that way. Most athletes won’t be able to do the high volume of strict movements, so just read “strict” as “hard” for today. Synchro on the lunges mean knee down together and standing up together. Given class sizes, any odd-objects will work great for today: Sandbags, KBs, MedBalls, toddlers, Fitch, etc.

Metcon (Time)

1. WOD

For time with a partner:

100ft Double dumbbell overhead walking lunge

50 Strict handstand push-ups

100ft Dumbbell front rack walking lunge

50 Strict ring dips

100ft Dumbbell walking lunge, dumbbells held at sides

50 Strict pull-ups

100ft. Single dumbbell front rack walking lunge (50ft with the dumbbell on right shoulder and 50ft with the dumbbell on left shoulder)

** All lunges are synchro, and split the strict reps as needed. Given class size, any odd-objects work great for today: Sandbags, KBs, MedBalls, toddlers, etc.

L3 – 50lbs/35lbs DBs

L2 – 35lbs/20lbs DBs

L1 – Light Load DBs

2. Cool Down

1:30/1:30 Lower leg barbell smash

1:00/1:00 Samson stretch