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Today is a balance of controlled skill work, and your endurance. Don’t underestimate that combination’s ability to wear you out. The TGUs should be completed in less than 2:30 on every round, and don’t be afraid to scale down the weight mid-WOD if you get fatigued. The back squats are designed to be completed unbroken each round. Yep – 30 unbroken. And we would prefer you to do it in 90 seconds, 1 squat every 3 seconds. So, we encourage scaling that weight to match your ability! When you start getting tired on the squats, remember to sit back on those heels, and to drive those hips on each rep.

Metcon (Time)

1. WOD

3 Rounds for time:

10 Turkish get-ups, alternating arms

20 Burpees

30 Back squats

L3 – 53lbs/35lbs KB, 95lbs/65lbs

L2 – 35lbs/26lbs KB, 75lbs/45lbs, 15 burpees

L1 – 26lbs/18lbs KB, 20 BS @ 65lbs/35lbs, 10 Burpees

*Use dumbbells as needed. Decrease weights to accomplish TGUs with good form and Back Squats unbroken


Each side

1:00 Foot over knee twist

1:00 Stack the knees and feet

1:00 Hamstring newspaper stretch

Shoulder stretch sequence (A)

*Perform duration on each side.

0:30 Arm out to side

0:30 Arm at 45

0:30 Rear delt

10 Internal/external