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Today has a style of WOD that might be unfamiliar to you. The first portion is designed to be heavy, and should allow you to move steady and deliberately through the movements. Do not red-line at all in this first part! The second part is designed to be lighter, and theoretically allow you to move quicker through the reps. Realistically, today is about stamina and endurance: finding a pace you can hold on to, and then picking up the speed in the last round. There are 105 burpees and 90 power cleans today. Scale to support those rep schemes while staying healthy and uninjured. There is a firm 20 minute cap on this one!

Metcon (Time)

1. WOD, For time:

3 rounds of:

5 Power cleans (185lbs/125lbs)

10 Bar-facing burpees

Immediately into:

3 Rounds of:

25 Power cleans (95lbs/65lbs)

25 Burpees

*20:00 Time Cap

L3 – As Rx

L2 – 5 reps @ 135lbs/85lbs, 20 reps- 75lbs/55lbs, 20 burpees

L1 – 5 reps @ 105lbs/75lbs and 5 bar-facing burpees, 15 reps @ 65lbs/45lbs and 15 burpees

*go lighter as needed


2 Rounds of:

25 Banded good mornings, easy

0:45/0:45 Banded shoulder stretch