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Pretty simple today: Row 1000m and rest a BUNCH. Seriously, don’t take less than 5 minutes of rest. If you think that 5 minutes is too much rest, then you are NOT rowing hard enough. We want to try and have negative splits, with your final row being the fastest, but don’t cheese-out on the first rounds – they should still get you out of breath. The handstand work at the end will be different for everyone, just make sure you leave lots of time to focus on something you need to work on.

Bad Sleep Last Night? Lower expectations by 20%
Bad Diet Yesterday? Lower expectations by 10%
For today, consider going strapless again. Or perhaps for the first round or two. Your hamstrings will be screaming, but your technique will look great, You could also use today to work on pacing. Meaning you set the rower computer to show your average 500m pace, and you try to keep it spot-on with an 80-90% target for the entire 1000m. Meaning, if I target a 2:00/500m pace, I try to have my average be 2:00 from the 2nd or 3rd stroke, through to the final pull at 100m. You can also set up a penalty… say two burpees for every 10th of a second you miss by (Yowch!). For recovery just set a lower pace expectation, and still keep the laser-focus on pace.

1000m Row (Time)

Max Effort 1000m Row
3 Sets

1,000m Row

*Rest as needed between sets. Recommended 5min rest at least

Metcon (No Measure)


5 Wall Walks + 0:05 Handstand Hold after each wall walk

10 Kick to handstands with a 0:03-0:05 hold attempt

10 Handstand push-up negative, attempt a 0:05 lowering phase