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This week is a testing week! Get your mind right before you walk in the gym. Each movement is challenging, and on a limited clock. You only get 12 minutes to establish a 3RM squat, which means you have to be moving, and that you aren’t going to get the rest you are used to. That is OK – Embrace the change! The pull-ups are a single attempt. Warm up as needed, perhaps even doing some smaller sets in prep, but when you go, you gotta go hard! Try to move quickly to lower the amount of time you are hanging and under tension. For the Mile run, bring a watch: If you aren’t at the half-way mark at 6 minutes, turn around anyway.

Bad Sleep Last Night? Lower expectations by 20%
Bad Diet Yesterday? Lower expectations by 10%
Treat today as an 80% test. Meaning, even when you aren’t putting forth 100% effort, can you comfortably hit your 80% numbers? Especially on the run, it will be hard not to be “Pulled ahead” by the runners ahead of you – have a plan and stick to it!

Back Squat (From 0:00-12:00 Find a 3 rep max back squat)

Pull-ups (12:00-15:00 Make 1 attempt at max rep strict PUs)

From 15:00-16:00, rest and reset

1-Mile Run (Time)

Max Effort 1-Mile Run
Start at 16:00

Nearly all athletes should complete this section as prescribed, even if this means utilizing a combination of running and walking. If this will take more than 12:00, reduce the distance to 1200-800 meters.


1:30/1:30 Spiderman stretch