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Two caps on today’s WOD. 12 minute WOD cap, and a 5 min Burpee cap. That gives you 7 minutes to make it through as much of the 3 rounder as you can. Most people will NOT finish this WOD, and that is the goal! You will have to push, especially when you do NOT want to push, to get every rep. When in doubt, go lighter on the DBs, or use a barbell. Our scale for DUs today will be PVC stick jumps. Make sure you put a plate, or something, on the stick to keep it from rolling if you land on it. Be smart today.

Bad Sleep Last Night? Lower expectations by 20%
Bad Diet Yesterday? Lower expectations by 10%
Forget about the score today: If you need work on Burpees, focus on performing sets of 10, as fast as possible, with as much rest as you need, in the 5 minute cap. While doing this, focus only on Breathing, and going faster. Breath out on the way down, in on the way up, out over the bar/db, and in when you land. If you only make it through 2 sets that is totally fine. If you need work on the DB, your goal is Unbroken Sets every round. And go heavier than you want. 40/25 might be near impossible, so start lower. If DUs are your nemesis, perform every round of DUs like this. 1-rep, unbroken, then 2, then 3… if you fail to make it, start back at 1. Go until you get 55, or make it through the round of 10. Even if this takes you all of the remaining time – work on it! Today is not the day to LEARN to do your first DU. If you don’t have them at all, scale to the PVC and repeat this drill.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

1. WOD, 12 min time cap

50 Bar-or-DB-facing burpees


3 Rounds

25 Dumbbell push press (40lbs/25lbs)

75 Double-unders

With the remaining time,

AMRAP Bar-facing burpees

*Score is the number of reps completed.

**Use a 95lbs/65lbs barbell if dumbbells are limited.

L3 – As Rx

L2 – 30lbs/20lbs DBs, 1 min DU Attempts

L1 – 25lbs/15lbs DBs, 75 stick jumps VERY low jump like a PVC on the ground

*all athletes, set of 50 bar/DB facing burpees should be completed in under 5min, scale reps to achieve this


For Quality

2 Rounds

10 Alternating t out and y out

10 Ring rows


2 Rounds

0:30 Left arm banded distraction + 0:30 banded rag doll

0:30 Right arm banded distraction + 0:30 banded rag doll