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We want your goal to be completing the runs in sub-5 min. Scale the distance to support that target time. As we start to run more, focus on your breathing and your stride. Are you a graceful Cheetah, or a newborn Giraffe? For our other-rowing today, slow and controlled movements with a full range-of-motion are expected from everyone. Again, scale weights and reps to support.

Bad Sleep Last Night? Lower expectations by 20%
Bad Diet Yesterday? Lower expectations by 10%
Today, don’t worry about your finish time, and just focus on your running form. Bring a watch for time, and run out for 2:30, turn around and come back. Think about reaching out with your leg on each step, grabbing the ground with your midfoot, and pulling your back foot up into a butt-kicker with each step. It will feel a bit awkward at first, but pay attention to the rhythm of your running when you do it. You can also do 30-seconds running, 30-seconds walking to lower the intensity and volume on this one.

800m Run (Time)

Max Effort 800m Run
1. WOD, Run Intervals

800m Run

5:00 Rest

800m Run

*Record both times individually.

L2 & L1 – If running 800m takes over 5:00

5:00 Max distance run/walk

5:00 Rest

5:00 Max distance run/walk.

800m Run (Time)

Max Effort 800m Run
Log 2nd 800m run

Metcon (No Measure)


2 Sets

6/6 single arm bent-over row

*Building in load to first working weight.

3 Rounds NOT for time of:

6/6 single arm bent-over row

15 Ring row

*choose loads and foot position on rings to allow for unbroken sets


2:00/2:00 Lower leg barbell smash

*Move the bar around the leg and get it smashed up in there good!

Straddle Stretch Sequence:

0:30 Straddle stretch, left

0:30 Straddle stretch, center

0:30 Straddle stretch, right

0:30 Straddle stretch to left, right hand to outside foot

0:30 Straddle stretch center, elbows on ground

0:30 Straddle stretch to right, left hand to outside of foot