1. WOD (30:00 – 45:00)
5 Rounds for time:
40 ft. Handstand walk
20 Medicine ball cleans
20 Abmat sit-ups with medicine ball

L3 – 20/14l Med Ball, 40’ HS Walk
L2 – 20/14, 2 Pike HS “walk” around a box
L1 – 14/10 MedBall, 3 Wall Walks or wall walk pike ups on box variation

2. SKILL AND STRENGTH WORK (45:00 – 60:00)
3 x 5 Ring swings
3 x 5 Ring rows (with 0:02 pause)
3 x 3 Ring rows (Feet on box)
5 x1 Straight body strict muscle up drill

Today is 15 minutes of hand-stand positioning work surrounded by movements designed to spike your heart rate. Be fast where you can, but really focus on your handstand skills. Pay attention to form above all else! We have great scales for everyone today, so come be upside-down with us!

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