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Don’t underestimate how taxing those runs are going to be between mini-WODs. The strategy here is to try to hang on to 80-90% output for the entire WOD. It will be easy to just slowly sandbag your way through this (See what we did there??) but pushing consistently and speeding up towards the end will be a challenge. Remember there are no “RX” weights today. Everyone gets to choose their destiny. If the sandbags are too heavy, we’ve got slam-balls, med-balls, and rubber plates that can work too!

Metcon (Time)

BruteForce Mile

21-15-9 Bear-hug-squat, Push Press

Run 400m any-way

15-9-5 Thrusters, Plank-pull-through

Run 400m any-way

21-15-9 Shoulder-to-shoulder, OHWL

Run 400m any-way

15-9-5 Hang-power-clean, Lateral-Burpee-over-bag

Run 400m any-way


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