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This will be one of the longer workouts we’ve done in a while. Scaling today is HIGHLY encouraged for all athletes in order to maintain 6-8 minute rounds. Faster athletes should finish sub-40, and we are capping it at 50-minutes. The warm-up today will be short and sweet to get you started fast, so use the first round to feel out the movements. This one is about pacing smart to avoid red-line. If you still feel great at the end, feel free to sprint through round 5.

Whitten (Time)

5 Rounds for time:

22 Kettlebell swings, 70#

22 Box jump, 24”

400m Run

22 Burpees

22 Wall-Ball Shots, 20#
In honor of Army Captain Dan Whitten, 28, of Grimes, Iowa, died February 2, 2010
To learn more about Whitten click here
L3 – 70lbs/55lbs KB, 24″/20″ box, 20lbs/14lbs to 10′ target

L2 – 53lbs/35lbs KB, 24″/20″ box (or reduce height to be consistent), 20lbs/14lbs to 9′ target

L 1 – 35lbs/24lbs KB, reduce height to be consistent, 14lbs/10lbs to 9′ target

If you don’t finish the first round in less than 8:00 scale weights, heights or reps, accordingly. Choose what to scale by where the struggle is.

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