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Coach and Athlete Notes:
This workout will challenge your endurance – Not unlike 242 years of being the best country in the world! Everyone can row or bike, so just keep moving there, and switch often. Every 30-60 seconds is a good place to start. Pick a weight on the barbell movement that allows you all to share a bar and contribute. If one partner can do sets of 2 and another can do sets of 10, that’s still cool! Chose a pull-up variant that lets you keep moving in small and controlled sets. Make sure to switch often here, and don’t be afraid to scale on the fly. Pick a scale that works for you each round.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Red, White, and Blue!

In teams of 3, complete 4 rounds of:

0:00-2:59 Max Cal Row/Bike

3:00-5:59 Max Reps Barbell Movement 95lbs/65lbs(rounds 1 & 3 Thruster, 2 & 4 Hang Power Clean)

6:00-8:59 Max Pull-up/Ring Row

9:00-9:59 Rest – tally reps

*One person working at a time

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