Ralston Creek CrossFit – CrossFit

Coach and Athlete Notes:
Everyone should plan their own battle today. The T2B (or scale) should be unbroken for at least the first 2 rounds and take no more than 45 seconds. Every set of Squats is designed to be unbroken, though the 3rd round should be really hard! These are supposed to be short and fast intervals!

Metcon (Time)

1. WOD (35:00 – 55:00)

5 Rounds for time:

15 Toes to bar/ T2B attempts/Knee Raises

10 Front squats

*2:00 Rest between rounds

**Leaderboard INCLUDES rest time.

FS Weight goes up on rounds 2 and 3, then back down on 4 and 5.

RX Example:

Round 1: (135lbs/95lbs)

Round 2: (155lbs/105lbs)

Round 3: (175lbs/115lbs)

Round 4: (155lbs/105lbs)

Round 5: (135lbs/95lbs)

2. COOL DOWN (55:00 – 60:00)

1:30/1:30 Couch stretch

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