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It’s time to snatch! Today we have lots of volume, with the reps going down and the weights going up. Pick a weight that let you move properly and efficiently through the first few sets, but where the last few rounds are a challenge! If you make it through all rounds and didn’t struggle at all, you went too light. Singles for everything are fine today, as we want to focus on form, and performing the snatch when fatigued. If you have shoulder issues, the squat-clean is a great alternative movement today.

Metcon (Time)

1. RUN FROM THE SNATCH (33:00 – 48:00)

For time:

Run 200 meters

10 Squat snatch

Run 200 meters

8 Squat snatch

Run 200 meters

6 Squat snatch

Run 200 meters

4 Squat snatch

Run 200 meters

2 Squat snatch

Run 200 meters

*The load on the snatch should start at a weight that allows for consistent singles to be completed and progress to a very challenging load for 2 reps on the final set.

Example loading for L3:

10 x 135lbs/95lbs

8 x 155lbs/105lbs

6 x 175lbs/120lbs

4 x 195lbs/135lbs

2 x 215lbs/145lbs

L2 –

10 x 95lbs/65lbs

8 x 115lbs/75lbs

6 x 125lbs/85lbs

4 x 135lbs/95lbs

2 x 145lbs/100lbs

L1 – Use the same load for all sets, if there are shoulder mobility or injuries perform squat cleans

2. CORE AND TOES TO BAR DRILLS (48:00 – 60:00)

2 x 5 Spotted strict toes to bar

2 x 3 Spotted top half strict toes to bar

3 x 1 Spotted strict toes to bar + super slow eccentric

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