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We are going to run this WOD like Diane, but in reverse today. The goal is that you should be able to move quickly through the HSPUs and DLs on the round of 5, but they should get much more challenging when you get to the round of 13. If you can complete all of the HSPUs and DLs in the round of 13 unbroken, then you went too easy and too light. We want to test your ability to move technically with a larger load (your body or a heavy barbell) when really fatigued. The OHWL at the end will be brutal to your midline. KB or DBs are ok today. This should be fast – there is no reason to pace this as long as you can maintain form. You want to go really hard right away and then try to hold on. 10 minute cap, so scale to work hard and finish before then!

Metcon (Time)




Handstand Push-Ups

Deadlift (315 / 225)


100ft Overhead Walking Lunge w/Double KBs (50/35)

L3 – Rx

L2 – 2x Hand Release Push-ups, 255/175, 35/25

L1 – 2x Push-ups, 155/95, Single object goblet hold 25/15

** Rx+ use parallettes.

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