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Rowing fast and hard today! Make sure that you take at LEAST 3-minutes of rest between efforts today. We should be able to share rowers and recover a good bit between attempts. If any attempt will take you longer than 2:30, scale the distance accordingly. Unless you have an injury everyone should try and row today – use the bikes ONLY if classes are too big for the row. Go for a max effort on the first set and try to hold within 10-15 seconds of that number for all the remaining sets. Do NOT try to be a hero and get negative splits! Sell your soul on the first round and know/learn the pain of trying to keep up.

Metcon (Time)

1. WOD (15:00-45:00)

5 x 500 meter Row or 1500/1200 meter Assault Bike

*rest as needed between efforts with a minimum rest being 3 minutes.

**Put total work time (not including rest periods) to the leaderboard.

L3 – 500m, 1500/1200

L2 – 400m, 1200/1000

L1 – 300m, 1000/750

2. HANDSTAND WALKING SKILL (50:00 – 60:00)

3 x 50 feet wheelbarrow walk

5 Wall walks

Rest as needed

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