Jan 10, 2022 - Feb 20, 2022

Foundations Reset 1/10/22

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Our Foundations Reset is both a course in creating a strong foundation in health, fitness, nutrition and habits; and also a reset challenge for those of us that need to get back on the horse. In this challenge you will develop personal responsibility. This is the start of new habits, new outlooks, new attitudes, and new effort that you put into your life. While centered around healthy lifestyle habits like fitness and nutrition, we hope you find it applicable to other areas, and when applied result in a happy and thriving life. The challenge centers around 4 pillars of success; EFFORT To workout at least 40:00 a day for 40 days. CONSISTENCY Set an alarm and go to bed 40 minutes early every night. HEALTHY HABITS Follow a nutrition plan that measures both quantity and quality. EMBRACE THE MUNDANE Commit to having a spotless kitchen sink every night before bed.

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Foundations Reset

Foundations Reset

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