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Jeremy Strawn
Has completed 500 RCCF CrossFit Classes.Double Black Diamond
Competed in the RCCF Intramural Open Challenge.2022 RCCF CF Open

Hey Creekers!

What a great start to the week! Rope climbs and Thrusters:) I hope you are all feeling energized for the remainder of the week!

I wanted to send out a quick email regarding class cancellations and what to expect should there be power outages, snow days, etc. With snow on the horizon it will be important to check Wodify and to sign up for class before coming to the gym to ensure you are aware of any cancellations. If class is cancelled you will be unable to sign up, or if you are already signed up, you will receive a cancellation notification and email.

We strive to keep classes as scheduled, but on occasion will need to cancel a class due to weather or power outages. Our number one priority is to keep you safe inside and outside of the gym. If you have any questions about cancellations please feel free to contact me at or reply to this email.

Adam Lendi


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